Transforming Lives One Child at a Time.

Dedicated to unlocking potential, we offer specialized programs that empower every child to communicate, play, socialize, and flourish in their individual journey.

What we do

Empowering Growth ~ Inspiring Confidence

Dedicated to the holistic development of children with Autism and Developmental disabilities, we offer an array of specialized programs aimed at nurturing their strengths and addressing their unique needs.

Expertise in ABA Therapy

Our team is professionally trained and has vast experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, ensuring that each child receives the best possible intervention tailored to their unique needs.

Family Inclusion

We believe in the power of collective support. Our parental guidance workshops and continuous feedback sessions ensure families are always involved, informed, and empowered.

Holistic Approach

Beyond therapy, we focus on the overall well-being and development of the child. From social interaction to academic readiness, we've got every aspect covered.

Nurturing Environment

Our center in Longwood, Florida, provides a safe and nurturing space where children can thrive, learn, and grow with confidence, feeling valued and understood every step of the way.

Our Value

The Pillars of Growing Minds Autism

At Growing Minds Autism Services, we steadfastly believe in fostering an environment of understanding, dedication, and empowerment, ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to shine in their distinctive light.


At Growing Minds Autism Services, we envision a world where every child with Autism and Developmental disabilities is celebrated, understood, and given ample opportunities to reach their full potential.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled ABA Therapy and holistic programs, focusing on fostering growth, inspiring confidence, and ensuring that each child we serve achieves personal milestones in communication, social interaction, and academic readiness.


"Empowering Growth ~ Inspiring Confidence."

Who we are

Discover the Passion Behind Growing Minds Autism Services

At the heart of Growing Minds Autism Services lies a fervent dedication to enhancing the lives of children with Autism and Developmental disabilities. Nestled in Longwood, Florida, our center embodies a sanctuary of growth, confidence, and breakthroughs.

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Embark on a seamless journey with Growing Minds Autism Services, where every step is designed to ensure you receive exceptional care tailored to your child’s unique needs.

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